Why eSchool

Fully integrated solution

eSchool is a fully integrated system with single united data infrastructure that unify all of the followings into one solution for K-12

  • SIS (Student information System)
  • LMS (Learning Management System)
  • Assessment system
  • Difficulty to find: (& if found they have limited capabilities)
  • Curriculum Planner system
  • Evaluation system

Replace your disjointed, legacy K-12 system with a single, unified, modern data infrastructure platform We replace expensive, fragmented school management software with a single, integrated cloud-based platform with no unwieldy software to install or expensive hardware to buy and maintain. In addition, our fast and flexible data migration options get schools up and running in no time.

eSchool solution keeps inconsideration the complete educational cycle from planning stage (planning the curriculum and defining the learning objectives), through delivery of the educational process (Teaching & Learning), checking on student achievement (through assessment/exams) and evaluation of all aspect of school environment, and eventually helping educator, parents and students to undertake the appropriate actions to improve their educational experience.

As a result,

  • eSchool creates an evidence based awareness around what is occurring at both a student and school-wide level through
  • eSchool meets educators where they are today and supports strategic progress towards their goals of tomorrow
  • eSchool saves schools and districts a significant amount of time and money by replacing disjointed, aging K-12 systems with a single, unified, modern data infrastructure and platform.

e-Planning & Curriculum Blueprinting

Electronic curriculum and course designs allow blueprinting and alignment of learning objectives to educational activities and to assessment items.

eSchool has an extensive capability for multi-dimensional mapping; It takes in consideration all the educational elements: Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude. It allows mapping the learning objectives with multiple categorizations in mind such as the KSA elements, the difficulty level, Blooms’ level or any other categorization that curriculum planners wish to consider.

Curriculum Blueprint

Macro level blueprint of overall curriculum courses to KSA.

Course Blueprint

Micro level blueprint of each course and learning activities to KSA.

Alignment of Learning Objectives to Daily educational activities and to Assessment

eSchool being a fully integrated solution that has the power of e-blueprinting of the curriculum as a whole and e-blueprinting of its individual courses allows educators to create powerful e-mapping of learning objectives.

This Learning Objectives Blue prints becomes handy and alive, and would start to show extreme value when it becomes directly linked to daily educational activities. Learning objectives would be automatically matched during;

  • Content building
  • Assessment item building
  • Assessment/Exam conduction
  • Evaluation conduction

Keeps everybody Connected

eSchool extends the connectivity among its stakeholders beyond the classroom walls; student can continue collaboration after leaving school and at home.

eSchool encourage blended learning; content can be presented in classroom and trigger discussions and brainstorming within school tutorial rooms, yet students’ and teachers’ interaction would continue after school hours.

Intelligent & Personalized

eSchool is intelligent enough to personalize the educational experience to suit the capabilities and interests of every individual student.

As a student eSchool is both your personal coach and your smart mate that understands you & gives you exactly what you need when you need it to keep you always ahead of others.

As a teacher eSchool guides you to build the best content for your students and guarantees that the content you write matches the learning objectives of the courses you teach, and helps you aligning the assessment items you write and the homework you give to your students to the learning objectives without much effort. It guides you and reminds you to perform your tasks as a teacher to guarantee your best performance.

Easy and Fast

eSchool brings everything you need to your fingertips so that your tasks become fun and easy to perform.

One Platform, 100s of Features

eSchool simplifies school management and empowers K-12 schools and districts to achieve academic excellence and equity by modernizing their entire core information infrastructure: SIS, LMS, Curriculum & Course Planners, Assessment Solution, Evaluation & QA Solution, Communications, Student Analytics, and Data Visualization.

  • SIS
  • LMS
  • Curriculum & Course Planners
  • Assessment Solution
  • Evaluation & QA Solution
  • Communications
  • Student Analytics, and Data Visualization

Most Popular Features

  • Planning related
    • e-Curriculum & e-Course Planning
    • Multi-dimensional mapping
    • Learning Objectives Alignment
  • LMS related
    • Online content development
    • Content to Learning Objective Alignment
    • Cloud access to online content
    • In-Class access to online content
  • Assessment related
    • Assessment to Learning Objective Alignment
    • Individual student Standards-based Gradebook
    • Individual student Traditional Gradebook
    • Class level Reporting
    • School level Reporting
  • Evaluation & QA related
    • Multi-level alignment of learning objectives to content delivered to assessment conducted to student performance
    • Teacher performance tracking
    • Student performance tracking
  • Drag/drop Report Card Builder???
  • SIS related
    • Student Records
    • Teacher Records
    • Transcripts
  • Parents related
    • Emergency Notification
    • Alerts to Parents
    • Parent Portal
  • User interface related
    • In-app Customer Support
  • Backend & infrastructure related
    • Setup & Data Migration
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