Trusted by Teachers

  • " eSchool has been preparing students so much better that it makes it easier on us to teach lessons now."

    Prof.Mustafa Ahmad
    High School Teacher
  • " Parents are more involved. eSchool definitely helps me keep parents up-to-date with activities, upcoming assignments, and grades."

    Gregg Eilers
    High School Teacher
  • " When teachers are isolated from each other, it is the students who suffer. Alma gives our teachers the ability to collaborate on a level we have never been able to do before."

    Christina Tracy
  • " Although we can’t help our children with their studies, eSchool has helped us keep track of their progress to know what their weak points are and how we can work on improving it with them."

    Mr.Abdullah Tareen
  • " eSchool is so user-friendly, it saves me time, which means I don’t have to spend my nights on busywork and I can spend more of my instructional day on supporting students’ individual needs"

    Middle School Teacher
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