I’m a Teacher

Makes teachers’ lives easier

eSchool automatically brings to teachers all the necessary tools that allows them to form their teaching activities in one place.

It reminds them automatically with their calendar task

It automatically brings to their attention every educational activity learning objectives so that whatever content they build in their lectures would match the overall blueprint of the curriculum and match the overall school/district/country level objectives with extreme ease of use.

When teachers are building assessment items the eSchool is so intelligent that it automatically brings to their fingertips the learning objectives related to assessment items under construction.

The eSchool system automatically perform psychometric analysis that correlates students’ performance in exams to curriculum learning objectives and educational activities.

The eSchool system auto generates reports that identifies student’s strengths and weaknesses and allow teachers to identify what educational activity or learning objectives that needs to be strengthened and worked upon by individual students or the class as a whole.

Simple daily tasks such as attendance, in-class participation are easy to register and track and report.

Classes in eSchool are pre-loaded with the right students, parents and classes. Attendance becomes a breeze. Advanced grade book, course planning, parent communication and other features save teachers time. And, we made it easy for teachers to learn.

eSchool system is customizable to match an individual school or regional/district unique requirements.

eSchool provided a safe place for all communications between students, teachers and parents, so confidential information stays protected.

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