I’m a Student

Makes students’ lives easier

eSchool system is intelligent enough to show relevant material to students and avoid information overload.

Students deal with learning activities, assignments, and exams using a smart calendar that automatically brings to them what’s relevant to the day they are browsing the system.

Students will see their schedules and assignments and lecture contents and interact in a user friendly Facebook-like system, safe from the public Internet.

eSchool is smart enough to become a private teacher for each individual student.

eSchool accommodates different variations of students’ capabilities. It helps smart hardworking students to perform fast, yet it allows slow students to catch up and achieve what they have missed in classroom.

eSchool would act as a smart personal coach for each student giving an advice of what to do today, what to do tomorrow, what to do next week, it personalize the data so as a student I would know what lectures would I attend, what content should I view, what home work should I submit and what exams do I have upcoming. It also provides students with a feedback on their performance.

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